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Car Culture: Mountain Drifters

Known as one of the most highly anticipated sets in Car Culture, Mountain Drifters does not disappoint. Featuring LB-ER36 Super Silouhette Nissan Skyline (in reg and chase). Toyota Celica GT-Fou, Mitsubishi 300GT VR4 and more.

Featured mainline

The 1995 Grand Cherokee makes it debut in the Hot Wheels 2022 Baja Blazers series. Sporting its original signature emerald green color scheme, this casting is off road ready and begging for real riders.

Featured Matchbox MBX

Matchbox debuts mix 4  with the 1975 Opel Kadett C GT/E. A solid European race and rally in hay day.

Coming Soon. Car Culture Hill Climbers. Featuring the Ford Lancia

Featured Car Culture

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Car Culture

Hyper Haulers

1/64 diecast truck enthusiast get ready for Hot Hot Wheels 2021 Car Culture Hyper Haulers set. Featuring the Ford Bronco R, 2020 Jeep Gladiator and 1975 Dastun Sunny Truck (BC120).